I am Michele...

    I am a designer with an expertise in commercial interiors and digital illustration.

    My focus these days is graphics and illustration. In my travels I listen and observe beyond the obvious, always on the lookout for new design ideas. Lately with the world disrupted, and no travel happening at the moment, I am learning that you can find inspiration in everything.

    Reflected in the interiors I have designed and my personal style, I favor timeless design and neutral colors with a touch of whimsy, texture or accent color. My illustrations sometimes reflect this same sensibility but if I am less deliberate, sometimes I begin a sketch that sparks my imagination and as I continue, I am inspired to create something with an end result that is a pleasant surprise in both composition and color.

    I work digitally mostly utilizing Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and I have started to experiment with ProCreate and Brushes Redux.

    A shop is in the future... stay tuned!