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Hello...I am Michele...

Hello...I am Michele...

I am an established professional commercial interior designer. In my travels I listen and observe beyond the obvious, always on the lookout for new design ideas and hoping for time someday to explore them further. Well, you know how that goes!

I will always remember my first employer giving each of us a wooden coin with the imprint “Round Tuit”… a not so subtle way of telling us we no longer should use the phrase “I will do it when I get around to it”

This website is devoted to my love for illustration, including books that I have illustrated and sometimes authored.

In addition I recently created The Frog Project, a creative studio with a frog focus. Whether you are a FrogLover or not I guarantee you will enjoy these unique creations!

I continue to design interiors for long standing clients or select organizations seeking a focused, knowledgable professional.

Thank you for stopping by!


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