The project shown in these photos is a current personal project that my husband, Kevin Murrett and I are working on. Great things are happening in the Pierce Arrow Complex on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo NY. We are excited to be the proud owners of a little known, 9000 sf, 2-story building, referred to in historic documents as building “K”,  that sits between the former Administration Building to the south and Garage Building to the north. Plans are underway by others for the entire complex. Work has begun on the former administration building which will be living spaces and rumor has it… a restaurant. When complete building "K" will incorporate a private, loft residence on the second floor that will someday be our home and a garage and studio space on the first floor.

The interior photographs were taken in April 2020. We were on schedule for a May 2020 completion, however as a non-essential project the final phase of this renovation has been put on hold until further notice.

A bit of history…