• The morning commute...
    I sketched this in 2002 after seeing similar sights morning after morning through my rear view mirror.
  • Rear view 1
    During my commute I would see mother’s rushing their children somewhere.
  • Rear view 2
    Slumped in the seat, baseball cap askew, music blaring….seen often through my rear view mirror.
  • Rear view 3
    This is a favorite– I would see this almost everyday on my morning commute, no hands, cellphone talking, makeup artist.
  • Stupidselfishness- the word...
    I dreamed up the word stupidselfishness… it just seemed to fit perfectly!
  • Range Rover- 1st sketch
    This very sketchy illustration of a Range Rover was the basis for the Two Cool Frogs MOUNTAINTOP poster.
    Finally the finished product illustrating Vertie + Rosie in their SmartCar with a very rude RAGE ROVER behind them.

I read an article in the NY TIMES stating pickup trucks and SUVs account for ~62% of all new vehicles sold in the United States so far this year. I drive a 6- year old, sleek, low BMW 328 sport wagon. When I back out of a parking space I am inevitably surrounded by a pickup or an SUV making it impossible to see if anything is coming. I continue to inch out of my space and hope for the best.

Back in 2002, before the proliferation of large vehicles and all about me driving I became frustrated with what I saw in my rear view mirror as I drove to work in my Volkswagen Beetle. One day I was inspired to sketch a few of these scenes shown here in this slideshow. I filed these sketches away for many years and as I witnessed the switch to BIG and what has become commonplace road rage style driving I decided to develop a series of posters reflecting the importance of striving to be excellent- even when nobody is watching. 

The Rosie & Vertie characters were developed and the ideas for poster themes were many. My favorite is MOUNTAINTOP, which ends this slide show. Rosie & Vertie are driving a SMARTCAR while a “RAGE ROVER” travels CLOSE behind.

I dream of a world where SMARTs and MINIs are the only cars on the road. Yes, dream on, the article also stated SUVs and trucks are here to stay!